Upcoming Events

14 October (LGA Webinar) Decarbonisation of Transport – Accelerating the uptake of electric vehicles

12 November (LGA Webinar) Decarbonisation of Transport – Climate Smart Parking Policies

17 November (LGA Webinar) Decarbonisation of Transport – Land Use, Localisation and Accessibility

24 November (LGA Webinar) Decarbonisation of Transport – Travelling less and the role of online opportunities

10 December (LGA Webinar) Decarbonisation of Transport – Growing Cycle Use

Past Events

30 September 2020 (LGA Webinar) Decarbonisation of Transport – The role of buses

29 September 2020 (DfT Event) Symposium on Transport Decarbonisation

22 September 2020 (LGA Webinar) Decarbonisation of Transport – Getting your carbon ambition right

26 June 2020 (Webinar) DTE Network+ Role of batteries in decarbonisation of transport

23 June 2020 (Webinar) DecarboN8 Future Transport Fuels (3 of 3): Exploring the economic and societal impacts of the roll out of electric vehicles in the UK

11 June 2020 (Webinar) DecarboN8 Future Transport Fuels (2 of 3)Decarbonising Transport by 2050 – the view from government 

26th February 2020 (Cardiff) Decarbonising Transport through Electrification, A whole system approach Launch Event

18th February 2020 (London) Financing decarbonisation of the freight transport sector

7th January 2020 (Leeds) DecarboN8 Workshop: Decarbonising Transport – Connecting Carbon Targets to Action

25th November 2019 (Leeds) DecarboN8 Launch Event

17th October 2019 (Milton Keynes) Workshop Towards the deployment of hydrogen fuelled transport