Research Projects

Over the past several months the Cut Carbon networks have allocated small pots of funding to a variety of research projects looking at different aspects of transport decarbonisation. Here are the projects that have been funded so far.

For details on upcoming funding calls visit our Funding page.


Room to Move – Impacts of road-space reallocation, Dr Stephen Parkes, Sheffield Hallam University

Liveable Liverpool City Region, Dr Richard Dunning, University of Liverpool

CARGO PEDAL: Harnessing the potential of e-cargo bikes for urban sustainable transport, Dr Luke Blazejewski, University of Salford

Leading the way to lower carbon transport: how, when and why do older, more experienced drivers make a change? Dr Julie Clark, University of the West of Scotland

Hydrogen for Sustainable Waterways, Dr Dénes Csala, Lancaster University

Understanding and modelling electric vehicle charging behaviour using choice modelling, Dr Trivikram Dokka, Lancaster University 

Integrating embodied carbon emissions into northern transport infrastructure scenarios, Dr Jannik Giesekam, University of Leeds  

Serious Games for Serious Energy Solutions: A Case Study of Diversity for Innovation in Bradford, Dr Zoe M Harris, Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London

Decarbonising Transport with Neighbourhood Plans in Northern England, Dr Caglar Koksal, University of Manchester

Development of a co-designed zero-carbon urban freight system, Dr Daniela Paddeu, University of the West of England  

Read abstracts for these projects on the DecarboN8 website

Decarbonising UK Freight

Understanding Freight Decarbonisation Investment Decisions, Fraser McLeod, University of Southampton, and Anthony Velazquez Abad, Transport Research Laboratory

Transport Investment Decisions (TIDE): An exploration of climate alignment in freight related investment decisions, Nadia Ameli, UCL

An Integrated System and Service Design Approach for Decarbonisation of UK Freight Transportation (INSTINCT), Alok Choudhary, Loughborough University

Co-produced Route-mapping to Accelerate Freight Decarbonisation: a Transdisciplinary Learning and Decision Framework, Graham Parkhurst, University of the West of England

Read abstracts for these projects on the Decarbonising UK Freight website

Decarbonising Transport through Electrification

Optimisation of Intermittent Electrification of Rail Transport for Near-Term, Dr. Will Midgley, Loughborough University, Hitachi Rail Europe

A data-driven approach for optimal distribution network operation with rapid charging infrastructure and large-scale battery storage, Dr. Chun Sing Lai, Brunel University London, UK Power Networks

Optimisation of wireless charging infrastructure deployment for bus services, Dr. Panagiotis Angeloudis , Imperial College London, Alan Turing Institute, Transport for London, Innovate UK, EPSRC IAA